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About the Forum
First of all,


My name is Joseph Bailey, and I'm the co-creator of the 'Something Creative' forum.

The philosophy of the forum is to be a safe haven for all creatives, as well as fans of gaming, pop culture and technology (among other things).

Here's what I (along with the rest of the forum staff) wish to create:

- A thriving community of dedicated members
- Conversation about hobbies and/or day to day pastimes
- Members that inspire professional, knowledgeable discussion

Whether you simply dabble in the variety of aforementioned subjects as a hobby, or perform them on a professional level, 'Something Creative' is for you.

In helping this forum thrive, you'll be advocating not only for sophisticated discourse, but for freedom of expression.

I hope you all enjoy your time here, and I can't wait to see what you all share with us.
@LJJoeBailey on Twitter

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